Karl's Megalomaniacal Multimedia Jeopardy Experience (continued)

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I hit my first Daily Double early in round two. Believe me, it's a little unnerving the first time you get one. While you're trying to concentrate on the clue, you realize millions of people are watching to see whether or not you'll blow it! In this case, I have no idea how I pulled out the answer; I hadn't heard the man's name in years. But I had told Alex, "I have to wager $2,000." He said, "You don't have to," to which I responded, "I have to!" (The correct response to this and other clues can be found here.)

As quick as a wink, Double Jeopardy was over. I looked at the scoreboard and was somewhat surprised that I was in the lead. During the last break, the contestant coordinators come up and give you water, as well as a pad and pencil so you can calculate your wager. Then they make sure you're entering it onto your screen right — for instance, with ".00" after the dollar amount to make it absolutely clear what you meant once the dollar amount is revealed.

I felt pretty good about the category — American History — so I decided to go for the win and bet $6,600. The solution didn't come to me right away, but I was able to stave off panic and figure it out in plenty of time — although I had difficulty trying to work the electronic "chalkboard." (By the way, yes, you do hear the "think music" while you're trying to think.)

What a feeling when I found out for sure I was the winner! It was, truly, the greatest moment of my life. I had one main goal going onto Jeopardy, and that was to win just one game — anything beyond that would be a bonus. My dream was realized, and I got to go home for the weekend as the reigning Jeopardy champion. I slept well that night!

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